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We create warm, dry, healthy buildings

Passive House Design

Edge Innovation specialises in New Builds and Renovation projects. We’re passionate about increasing awareness throughout New Zealand, of the huge benefits of Passive House design – including very low to ZERO energy use!


We’re based in Christchurch, but our vision for an energy-efficient future extends beyond Canterbury. Edge Innovation works with clients throughout New Zealand, and also offers a standalone Project Management service; if you will use your own builder and sub-contractors, but need to ensure your build or renovation meets Passive House or EnerPHit Certification Standards.
You may choose your own builder, however we highly recommend using our team in most cases, to ensure the demanding performance outcomes are achieved. We also source and supply the critical energy saving and high performance products required to meet these Standards.


Homes & Light Commercial Buildings

New Builds - Certified to Passive House Standards
Renovations - Certified to EnerPHit Standards
Full Interior Design Service
Fixed Value Agreements & Written Guarantee

It’s easier than you may think!

Edge Innovation will ensure your build or renovation is a rewarding and enjoyable experience - we believe building a property should be exciting and satisfying.


It’s essential that your build or renovation is project managed by experienced professionals with a thorough understanding of Passive House design. Edge Innovation’s Project Manager and builder will guide you through each stage, working in close consultation with you from design concept to completion. If you wish, this can include applying for Passive House Certification or EnerPHit Certification - we recommend applying for Certification, but it is optional.



Good for you, good for the planet

“We see the bigger picture: low energy use means less environmental impact. Edge Innovation creates buildings with energy use systems that eliminate or greatly reduce the use of fuels which create and release carbon dioxide, pollutant gases, solids and waste heat into the atmosphere, ground or waterways.”

Richard Walklin - Managing Director



Richard Walklin

Managing Director

My passion for sustainable, energy-efficient design, led to exhaustive research into Passive House design, construction and Certification Standards. I oversee Edge Innovation’s trusted network of experienced builders, architects, engineers, technicians, designers and sub-contractors.


I have over 20 years’ experience in Project Management, design and construction - including Interior Design, Kitchen and Bathroom design, and spatial balance. The difference between a good design and a great one is small, and usually attributable to the spatial and aesthetic balance; the sum of all the components.


I am also a qualified Draughtsman, with invaluable Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering qualifications and experience; from previous roles including Production Design Engineer/Draughtsman, Mechanical and Electrical Design Draughtsman, and from achieving NZCE (Mechanical) with Control Systems as my specialised skill.



Before you sign up with a building company,

we highly recommend you talk to us first!

Edge Innovation is based in, but not limited to Christchurch and Canterbury.

We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge of Passive House design - wherever you are in New Zealand, if you’re interested in building to Passive House Standards, or Renovating to EnerPHit Standards, contact us.

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