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Warm & healthy, very low energy use

Renovations & Retrofits to EnerPHit Standards

  • Low Energy Heating & Ventilation

  • Low Energy Lighting, Appliances & Devices

  • Superior Insulation & Airtightness

  • High Performance Windows & Doors

Renovating to the Passive House Institute’s EnerPHit Standards (Standards specifically formulated for retrofitting), guarantees high standards of energy efficiency and comfort, whilst allowing for higher energy demands and limitations such as unfavourable building orientation or building restrictions.


Complete design flexibility

Design, layout, fittings and furnishings are totally flexible. We can design plans for you, or renovate/ remodel your existing layout - enhancing its performance to EnerPHit Standards. It may look like a ‘normal’ home or light commercial building, but will be far superior in so many ways! Edge Innovation’s Interior Design service can also include fit-out, furnishings and even artwork.


Enjoyable and rewarding

Edge Innovation provides full Project Management; design, supply, construction, installation, and Interior Design if required. We’ll guide you through every step of the renovation… Investing time and care into planning and design is essential and the results are well worth it!

Renovating to EnerPHit Standards isn’t difficult, but it needs to be designed and project managed by experienced professionals with a thorough understanding of Passive House standards design. Retrofitted incorrectly, the property can become even less comfortable or unhealthier to live in; due to incorrect design, construction and ventilation.


Exceptional value for money

The cost of renovating to EnerPHit Standards with Edge Innovation is very similar to a standard renovation, however when you factor in the massive savings you’ll make in energy use, it’s a prudent and cost-effective investment! We renovate to Fixed Value Agreements and provide a Guarantee.


Why your property will have the edge?

Very Low Energy Use: You’ll make HUGE savings on heating and cooling! EnerPHit Standards and Passive House design principles focus on energy efficiency, thermal insulation and overall efficiency enhancment.

Warm & Dry: It’s like summer every day. The temperature in every room, all day, all year, is at least 20°. A key element is that all interior surfaces are designed to be a minimum of 17°C; warm to the touch.

Healthy, Fresh Air: Super-filtered air: fantastic for everyone, especially allergy sufferers. Controlled ventilation and filtered air means dust and allergens in the air can be virtually eliminated. Warm, dry air means no condensation, mould or rot (Black Mould is a widespread, almost always invisible health risk in most New Zealand homes. Over time, it leaches into the internal atmosphere and remains undetected, unless scientifically tested).

Future Property Values: Edge Innovation believes that in the next 10 years, New Zealand properties that are not built or made highly energy efficient, warm and healthy, will rapidly decline in value and desirability, compared to those that are. This is backed up by independent studies conducted in Europe, the UK and the USA… Survey evidence clearly shows low energy use houses and commercial premises are now worth considerably more than surrounding properties, and are more desirable. Tenants are becoming increasingly prepared to pay premium rent for an energy efficient, warm and healthy building to live or work in.


EnerPHit Certification

Edge Innovation highly recommends having your ‘EnerPHit Passive House’ building Certified and Registered by the Passive House Institute. Certification isn’t compulsory nor is it a legal requirstrongent, but it’s a great advantage and will add significant value to your investment. Your Certification is entered into a global register and a plaque is fixed to your building, as proof of performance as an

PHI (Passive House Institute) Low Energy Building Standard: This alternative Standard (as of 2016) may be attained by buildings which due to restrictions, are not able to fully comply with all EnerPHit Certification criteria, but are still highly energy efficient.





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