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Design & Build to
Passive House Standards

  • How does a Passive House work?

  • Firstly, it’s important to understand that a Passive House outperforms ANY other form of construction by a considerable margin - due to several key principles of building technology and a range of technical design criteria which need to be met (criteria painstakingly formulated scientifically by building physicists, and proved in actual construction).

    A Passive House works on the principles of taking advantage of several factors - including but not limited to:

    Correct orientation to ensure the correct amount of solar gain; High performance Thermal Envelope construction which is Air-Tight, Thermal Bridge Free, and includes High performance windows and doors with the correct and balanced amount of window area and shading; High performance Low Energy consumption ventilation system with heat recovery to provide a clean, comfortable and well-ventilated environment which usually does not require any heating (or if it does, a very minimal amount - e.g. 1kW for 200m² to 300m² house); High performance Low Energy use LED Lighting and controls, Appliances and devices to keep energy use extremely low.

    This is all very detailed, however Edge Innovation are specialists in ensuring all aspects of Passive House design and construction are correct. The value and huge benefits gained by attending to the details are worth the effort. Passive Houses are extremely durable, robust and very comfortable to live in: with a constant interior temperature of 19ºC to 23ºC, and warm-to-the-touch surfaces which remain at 17ºC to 18ºC - eliminating draughts and interstitial layer condensation (insulated construction layer). This ensures the dew point is on the outside of the envelope, eliminating the possibility of health-threatening mould growth in this layer.

  • What does a Passive House look like?

  • Passive House design provides complete design flexibility; from simple design, to architectural flair. The difference is that overall it will be far superior in many ways, to a standard build or renovation. Design, layout, interior design, fit-out and furnishings are completely flexible; open to your imagination and desires!

    We’ll make your choices simple and the overall process uncomplicated. Edge Innovation can also design, build or renovate/retrofit to your plans - carefully adapting them to meet Passive House or EnerPHit Standards.

    Interior Design: Passive House design allows for total freedom in designing and furnishing the interior. Edge Innovation also has a full Interior Design service - from consultation and design, to fit-out - even furniture and artwork if needed.

  • How much does a Passive House cost?

  • To help maximise your overall investment value, Edge Innovation is always endeavouring to lower your building or renovation costs. For example, we can build a Passive House for approximately the same cost as a standard build; based on a 180-220 m2, 3-4 bedroom home.

    Factor in the amazing benefits! It’s important to remember the many benefits Passive House design offers, including low to ZERO energy bills. A Passive House provides vastly superior energy efficiency which standard builds don’t even get close to achieving!

    Passive House design will also add more value to your property should you want to sell, lease or rent it. It will be very attractive to buyers or tenants looking for the energy savings and many other benefits of energy efficient design.

Edge Innovation is based in, but not limited to Christchurch and Canterbury.

We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge of Passive House design - wherever you are in New Zealand, if you’re interested in building to Passive House Standards, or Renovating to EnerPHit Standards, contact us.

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